International Conference on Structural Engineering and Computational Mechanics
August 25 - 27, 2017       Guangzhou, China 

Topic 1:   Structural Analysis, include:  

Structural Stability  and Buckling;

Structural Damage,  Fracture and Fatigue;

Soil-Structure  Interaction;

Fluid-Structure  Interaction;

Structural dynamics  and earthquake analyses;  

Structural  Optimization.

Topic 2:   Computational Mechanics, include:  

Structural Mechanics  and Stability;

Fluid Mechanics and  Heat Transfer;

Finite Element Methods  and Algorithms;

Multiple-Scale Physics  and Computation;

Nonlinear Dynamic and  Modeling;

High-Performance  Computing;

Plasticity and  Nonlinear Modeling;

Geo-mechanics and  Geotechnical Engineering;

Computational Wind  Engineering.

Topic 3:   Innovative Structures, include:  

Lightweight  Structures;

Tension Structures and  Membrane Structures;

Steel-Concrete  Composite Construction;

Tall Buildings and  Long-Span Bridges;

Space Structures and  Long-Span Roofs;

Structural Foundations  and Tunnels;

Marine and Dam  Structures.

Topic 4:   Structural Materials, include:  

Concrete and Masonry  Structures;

FRP Applications in  Construction;

Smart Materials and  Structures;

Laminated Composites  and Structures;

High-Performance Steel  and Structures;

High-Performance  Concrete and Structures;

Topic 5:   Structural Safety, include:  

Structural Risk,  Safety and Reliability Analysis;

Structural Damage  Detection and Assessment;

Structural Health  Monitoring;

Structural Operation  and Maintenance;

Structural Repair, Strengthening  and Rehabilitation.

 Topic 6:    Structural Designs, include:  

Computer-Aided Design;

Design of Thin-Walled  Sections;

Design for Earthquake  Resistance;

Design for Wind and  Storm Resistance;

Design for Blast and  Impact Resistance;

Full-Scale Testing of  Structures.